Straight Brothers Jacking Off Together

April 16th, 2009
by Webmaster

I know I’ve been featuring a lot of Cocky Boys lately, but his stuff is just so hot I can’t help it. The latest puts real life Straight brothers (Bobby and Seth) together for a hot Jack Off session.

Str8 Brothers Jacking

Producer’s comments…
There’s an old saying in Gay Porn, “The family that sprays together stays together.” I figured it was high time I get the Clark Brothers together on film. Seth let it slip that they were planning on getting together for a “Dirty DVD Day” and watch some Porn, kick back on the couch, and Jack Off. Well, I wasn’t going let this opportunity slip by without catching it on film. The two start off watching some Porn and shooting the shit. It isn’t long before the action on TV gets them nice and hard. The two keep joking around with each other while they pull out their hard Dicks and start to Jerk Off. It’s pretty fucking hot watching these two stroke their poles as they swap stories about the girls they’ve Fucked. The more they get into it though, the less they talk and pretty soon they’re both intent on blowing their loads. Bobby shoots his wad first, all over his chest. Seth follows soon after, coating his stomach in hot white Cum. Ahhh brotherly love – it’s a beautiful beautiful thing to watch.

St8 Brothers Jacking